im making myself a bass, because ive been told im very talented with woodworking, and i was wondering where one might find a

fanned 4 string bass fretboard

some nice hardware, (pups, knobs... etc... just basic, but good quality)

and i imagine i would want to know where to get tuning knobs, because i plan on carving out the head too.

thanks, all.
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If you're so talented with wood, then why don't you make one?
I doubt there are just fretboards waiting around to your specs so you would probably need to get one custom made for you if you want fanned frets.

As far as hardware goes, you could check out guitarfetish if you are looking to save some cash.
you can actually buy fretboards but i dont remember where..... ill poke around
You can get everything you need from warmoth.com
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if you need help with that, ask Vincent745

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