so i prefer using the finger picking method, but i want to know if and how a pick affects the sound.
Why don't you grab one and try it?
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sounds a bit brighter, or more crisp.

use the search bar next time.
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Brighter, louder attack, more treble-y noise.

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theres nothing really wrong with using pick for bass, as long as ur creative (in my opinion) or if the song is hard to play and/or has some weird switches like "Transcending" by RHCP or "Transistor" by 311, and also as long as u dont use thin picks that make scratchy noises. also, using pick makes it easier to play and sing at the same time, like if u play "Warning" by Green Day (although that song is EASY, even with fingers and singing). and when u use stroking pattern, it gives ur wrist some good exercise and in certain songs it makes it mor fun!

for example: when i learned to play Transcending by RHCP (hard ass song to play! but its awesome!) and get it cracked down right, i had to start off using pick, but i'm used to using my fingers for it now.

for another example
: Transistor by 311 however, easier picking that song than picking Transcending, but actually a bit mor difficult with fingers than Transcending. its just the switches from like the verses to the chorus and stuff in Transistor r kinda weird, especially with fingers, although, with pick, its pretty damn fun to play using stroking pattern!

and if u want to talk about sound, picking bass makes its sound stand out a bit more, well actually, u can make fingered bass sound stand out more too if u want it to be mor noticeable. it mainly depends on how u set ur sound pick-ups. but if u want good sound with picks, well, to keep the most of those scratchy noises out, i recommend using Jim Durlop "Big Stubby's". i think they'r mainly for beginner guitar, but they'r PERFECT for bass. they'r thick, smooth, they dont make as much scratchy noise (if not none), and they come in a variety of cool-looking see-through colors. but mainly, just dont use thin picks such as regular guitar picks. they scratch the strings too much and dont make ur playing sound very good.
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With me, I will only use a Pick when I really need to,Which Is hardly ever, Only for 4 string chords. I use a Pick really lightly, Not hard and rough. I prefer to have a smooth Sound, Of cource a Pick gives you a Treble and brighter sound which I like, But I just use effects to get that bright sound. I play a lot of Slap funk anyway, I wont really be able to use a pick for that.

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A pick is just another tool to use on bass, like slap or tap. And some songs really call for picks, such as punk or surf music, because of a need for a more staccato sound etc etc. Every bass player who has played with picks has a different preference in pick size and thickness. But they are cheap, so go to your local shop get a few and try them out. I like the Tortex 1.15 to 2.0 mm myself.

And the first indication this becomes a picks vs fingers free for all battle royal, I am shutting this thread down, period.
Lets not forget that the thickness of a pick also has a HUGE change in the sound.

However, threadstarter, why wouldn't you just acquire a pick and just try it? You're really worried that you might be mulling your 20 cent investment?
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However, threadstarter, why wouldn't you just acquire a pick and just try it? You're really worried that you might be mulling your 20 cent investment?

Just what I was thinking.
My brother uses coins sometimes when he cant find a pick and i tried it recently it works quite well, but metal on metal it must be doing damage / wearing down the strings faster. Also you could try using your finger nails, it gives and in between sound that i quite like but i bite my nails so its very rare that i can use that method.
Coins? God... I remember when I did that. They didn't "grip" the strings at all, kept feeling like I was just rubbing the strings with a coin.

Although I read that the bassist for The Damned used a metal pick for the song "Love Song" to get a certain tone. Don't know if this was a common occurrence though.
You can use a pick all you want but its all down to personal preference - I wouldnt ever use one because for me bass is all about using your fingers no matter how much strumming you might have to do - its all about the pain and making that sweet sound flow.
Depends on what song or melody you want to play imo, some of them picks are just easier to use.. I like both but its more satisfying to use your fingers...
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I've always played with a pick. I use Jim Dunlop Nylon .88 mm and 1.0 mm.
No pick - fatter fuller sound

pick - more treble- y, but imo can play alot faster
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pick - more treble- y, but imo can play alot faster

I find most players are faster on the technique they use the most. Players that use both techniques will find that they can play certain types of passages faster with each, but I wouldn't say either is all round faster.
Well in my case I started playing bass with no pick, then started to use the picks andfound that I could play alot faster, but as I said, thats just in my case.
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