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26 87%
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They are the same
4 13%
Voters: 30.
which one is more important too you???



or both?
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Head...but your speakers help voice your tone too...just not as much.
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it depends how far you'll take it. running a $3000 head through a $400 behringer cab is way more unacceptable than running the same head through a $400 avatar cab.

as you can see, the avatar cab's build quality and speakers are way better than a terrible budget cab.
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Importance as in a GOOD head or cab, must be a good head, because the speaker is not going to give you cleans, distortion, eq, reverb, although it helps you bring up all these things clearer and sound of "quality".

And on the other hand, having a bad/cheap head with a great cab wont make any sense since great % of the sound is produced in the head.
head is obviously the source of the tone, however the cab is very important as well. A crappy cab can make a great head sound like ass. A great cab won't help a crappy head though, it can only work with what the head is producing.

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Head is more important, but combos are the way to go.

meh, depends what you are playing, and your preference for tone. I like combos for the more open and looser sound with stuff like blues and cleans. I greatly prefer a closed back 4x12 for modern hard rock and metal tones however.
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