Okay ill go to the doctor about this but i wanted to check if anyone had anything like this. Today i got this huge pain on my groin (right side), it was in the very top corner of my thigh basically. It felt like someone was kicking my nuts for about 45 minutes, it was pretty agonising,

Anyway it went away after an hour or so. All i can say is eating something made it feel better, another thing my old chap was tender and sore and still is so it must be related.

If anyone knows what this could be helpful before i have to drop my pants for a doctor.
maybe u popped it out of place or something??
did u get it after u woke up?
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well if it didn't have to do w/ your groin i would say appendisitus(sp), but since your groin is involved im gonna say you have aids
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maybe u popped it out of place or something??
did u get it after u woke up?

yeah i struggled to find my right ball after i woke up, but that sometimes happens like it feels like its far back in your groin, not where it should be.
Is the pain in the testicle itself? If so you could possibly have a hernia.

I once had pain in my right nut for about a month straight, it turned out it was some kind of pinched nerve which eventually healed by itself.

it could also be aids though.
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lets just say someone gave you an answer. would you really trust the pit?

not with my life but by the same token many doctors will just write you off and give you painkillers. The pit should start its on medical practice...

Symptoms..Broken arm..Diagnosis..Aids..Treatment..Death
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haha, noob. he'd be dead if that happened.


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