hello all, ive been working on this for quite a while now, it started maybe 6 months ago? now cos of this rather epic piece, i have continued working on it, making it more symphonic/epic

atm, it seems to be thrash metal with strings....

comments are appreciated =]

edit - finished! when i listened through it, it moved me quite a lot, almost hyping me up =D again, comments are appreciated =]
Hellbound Believer.zip
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that was neat

i liked the calm intro and the speed up.
the bridge and chorus sounded powerful with the timpani
the acoustic/solo part was awesome
after that i like the silence at bars 104-105, it causes a lot of tension

the one thing that kind of stood out was the "more interlude" part. after the silence i was expecting a punch-in-the-face riff on the guitar with insane timpani action, enough to kill a small mammal. when more mellow interlude came i was kind of disappointed, but that is just me.

other than that, that was flippin sweet, definitely creative, definitely catchy.

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That is very much the greatest piece I have ever had the pleasure to listen to that was created by a member of UG. I like the strings in the background of the intro; it really helps build the song up. The chords and the pedal tones that come with the verse riff go perfectly with the intro, and the bridge is just epic. The strings compliment the rest of the instruments nicely. During the chorus, the percussion really adds to the chords that the guitars are playing, and it all fits together too. In the interlude that comes up before the acoustic section, I enjoy how the second guitar chugs away at the lower strings. The acoustic section itself is just beautiful, and the solos that ensued are my new messiah. The harmony section that comes afterwards is definitely one of the most beautiful harmonies I have ever heard. Overall, I really enjoyed your song a look forward to critting some things that you may put up in the future. 10/10.


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that was way too epic for me, but i will say that its probably the best one ive heard out of all the "EPIC" songs that get posted here
Man, you just epicly combined trash riffs with massive strings. It reminded me a bit of S&M...
So: Liked the intro, cos when you have to come in with one instrument and strings... you chose the right one. "Solos" part is very good, man, you swap them between the guitars like Dave and Adrian, not less! But the solo itself... uhm... Maybe it was too cymbal n' Tympani heavy in the bridge, but otherwise, great bridge! This is the first epic song that I heard here, that didn't have lots of overdubbed junk, didn't have epic arrangements, but still, let me borrow this from the Pit, Dis Wuz Epic!
Hmmm this crit is hard to write for me...
This song has potential, definitly, but it doesn´t show very well in the song. You need to improve the drum track, and maybe add some more melodies to the song, the ones you used just didn´t do it for me. 7/10

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yer like madzaa, hard to say.
I think that 'epic' songs are something that bands should save until they have the
reputation and popularity to warrant people liking it enough to sit there for ten odd minutes. this is just an opinion. the music of the piece is good, however the ending is comparitively weak to the rest of the thing. it wants to go out with a bang, the ending is what the whole song builds up to. there are some great ideas in there, its just i think that the whole thing could do with a bit more tension. to this by getting louder, faster, heavier,
all building up to certain moments. generally, there are loads of these build-ups through songs, the biggest one should be saved till last. another big one goes before a bridge, usually- uve done this, and its great.

one more ting- timpani are big orchestral drums like in planet of the apes- du duda! da!-- bam bom bam bom sorry thats cinda crazy. anyways, somehow youve made them sound like a harp- wtf???

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^^^^ pretty please dont put that into a quote ^^^^
i feel so stupid

go ahead.
laugh at me.
poke fun.
i knew what i meant.
'If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.' Albert Einstein
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^^^^ pretty please dont put that into a quote ^^^^
i feel so stupid

go ahead.
laugh at me.
poke fun.
i knew what i meant.
major lol at your timpani comment.

back to the piece, dude, i like how it was easy on the ears, even with all the guitars and such. it all flowed nicely, and made me happy. :P
Well... I think 'epic' is a term too often used around here. And its getting a bit tiring, all these 'epics'. Let me start by saying, the clean intro... It doesnt really work for me. I dunno whiy... I dont like it though. The bridge and chorus sound like they're trying too hard, and... The bridge is kinda... too slow, and the chorus... isnt really very chorus sounding.

The interlude and solo is great, as is the harmony, but i dont get the pause before the second interlude, which is also ok...

The verse riff I guess it was, was pretty good too.
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Intro was kinda cool, and so were some of the interludes. I can see how someone might get into it, but it seemed to build up to nothing to me, and the drums probably needed a tad more attention. There's a million things I could suggest, but man I'm bored right now...

I give 7/10, because I know people who love this stuff and I respect the style entirely.
first off
thanks for your crit on mine, it definatley helps
but you should check back soon as i plan on adding an update as soon as i finish writing this

i loved it
epics are exactly as their title suggests, and i havent head a good one in a while
my only complaint was that you lacked a lot of guitar leads, wich is a big part of epic music.
other than that everything went together really well, i loved all the interludes [if youve seen my work light of the righteous, youll know im big on using them too] it was just a great and moving peice of music, my only other complaint, short solo, it needs to be much much longer =D

ohter than those 2 little errors, its a solid 9/10 peice of work my friend, great job on it.
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