I like Sublime, RHCP, Pepper, and that stuff, so I want average to good cleans. For distortion I don't mind not having the "pure vintage voice", some modern voicing is fine, but also a decent amount of a gain.
go for the JCM800
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go for the JCM800 2205 or 2210 series though. They have two channels and will deliver a better clean sound.
For those who care.
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Btw u quoted me lol....
Seriously, its better than those cheap peaveys, the B-52's, valve juniors, all that stuff, no joke. People don't try the Zoom and say it sucks.
I used a zoom about 10 years ago with an old Marshall Valvestate, it had some nice delays and chorus, but the Distortions were absolute garbage (totally unusable).

I haven't used zoom since, how are they now?
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Well it has 2 tubes, I had the 505 and the distortions are NOTHING like the 7.1 or 9.2. Every effect is very good except wah, which is kind of weak. 3-D expression pedal, makes some crazy ass sounds. I ran the 9.2 into my friends B-52 half stack (Don't know model, but its 100W tube). My distortions sounded so much better.
Brad Nowell also used a Roland Jazz Chorus.
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cleans - 900>800
ballzy gain - 800>900

as said above, the 900 is way more modern. Doesnt sound bad though

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

Yeah I'm almost tempted to get an amp for cleans (Roland JC or Fender) and just use zoom for distortions