We've all had em...When you're unmotivated, you sound horrible, you aren't improving, and you just feel hopeless...

Discuss how you get over your lows in guitar playing.
Explore a new genre or artist.


Play something loud and angry - Black Stone Cherry's "Lonely Train" usually does the trick.
when it happend to me..i started playing fear factory riffs with teh mchine gun palm mutes..
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put the guitar down, pick up a keyboard and play row row row your boat.
Trying new genres/ techniques usually works for me. Learning Joe Satriani- Midnight just got me out of a funk that I've been for about a week.
I put mine up for a decade. I regret it so much, I've been bit by the guitar bug again and now I feel like I'm making up for lost time, I play every time I get a chance.
I got an idea though, go buy a new ax!
get a new piece of equipment dude. thats what i always do even if its a set of picks or a new set of strings.
I usually just play an acoustic arrangment of 'I cum blood' till I feel better...

(sorry, did it for the lulz)

I usually just play the stuff that makes me smile and play less until I feel the drive again
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Play what you love, love what you play
A new guitar always gets me right back into wanting to play untill my fingers bleed.....too bad with school and work i never have that kind of time anymore
I just don't play for a couple days or so.
I don't see a need in forcing myself to play if I'm not feeling it.
Sometimes you just get burnt out on music and need a couple days off.
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take a week or so break. Worked for me on several occasions .
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I don't play for a couple or days. I might force it, but if I don't wanna play, then I don't play. But then I play Guitar Hero, realize why that I should be playing real guitar, and that gets me back in the saddle.
Just take a break seriously that's what I do. I generally get burned out if I do anything for long periods of time without any sleep. (Well, I should prolly say little sleep as dozing off while playing counts as sleeping I guess.... lol )

But really, just take a break. Then when you play again a few days/weeks/months later, it'll all be fresh and new to you.

Like others have said, don't force yourself to do something, then it just won't feel right.
Jam at the local blues joint. Always great for motivation!
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Usually I listen for inspiration. For instance, listening to Paul Gilbert or Petrucci usually gets me out of a rut, mostly because those two incorporate so many different styles into their playing.