this may seem like a noob question but bear with me.

does one case fit all guitars? i realize there are some made for obscure shapes and sizes but for your normal guitar is it all the same?
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Not really. I mean if you get a universal case then yeah, but if you get one made for LPs, a V isn't going to fit.
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well, are you talking about a gig back (floppy, usually black thin material) or a hardshell case(boxy looking case with buckles around the perimiter)? Most gig bags fit all strat/les paul sized guitars because of their uniform size. I doubt it would fit a semi-hollow ES-335 shaped guitar.

As for hardshells, most of them are fit specificaly to different body shapes. As in, all strats fit in a strat hardshell, all les pauls fit in a les paul hard shell, etc (correct me if im wrong?). Hope that helps.
The universal case will fit flat guitars like a strat or similar shape but thats about it. They dont usually fit a guitar with an angled headstock to well.
my strat case doesnt even fit my strat from parts (part-o-caster) all that well. so no, most cases cant handle a variety of guitars. the only exception is the style of case that has the big rectangular space for the body. those cases will fit a few different styles, like any strat or tele, and knockoffs. but its not gonna fit a LP style guitar or anything like that with an angled neck.

so basicly, its best just to take your guitar to the shop and find a case that fits. then get that case, or one with the same dimensions.
ok thanks guys, thats what i wanted to know.
Who decided that pie would be sold on Tuesday but not Wednesday?