I've felt more encouraged to share more of my music now so I want to see what everyone thinks of one of my most prized compositions.

This one doesn't have a title but that doesn't make it any less special.

You'll notice some Protest The Hero influences with the timings and the tempo, but I assure you it's not a PTH song in the least.

Hope you enjoy.

Crit for Crit =)
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this style of music im not familiar with, but i want to listen anyway.

the first 12 bars reminded me of a castle in super mario. i dont know why...
the triplets into the sixteenths on bars 13-14 were different...but i liked it a lot!
I never would have thought that 2 augmented fourths played at the same time would ever sound good, you managed to prove me wrong.
The clean interlude was brilliant, especially the first couple measures.
the solo was insane, i liked the "back and forth" of guitars.
you should get a sticker for bars 67-70, awesome.
the ending kinda bugged me, but then again i dont listen to this style of music ever, so dont take it personal.

overall i liked the song, even though i dont like the genre.
there is a lot of creativity in your music.
9.5/10 + 1 sticker

if you can, could you crit another song in my sig? thanks for all of your help.
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