why is it so much cheaper compared to the other squiers? and dont turn this into another "Squier F***in sucks" thread
Low end electronics, a cheap bridge and poor setup. That's about it. IMO, you can find a good one, but it's hit and miss. Pick up swap in definitly a plus though
Yeah, as stated by imgooley, cheap and low end electronics, cheap hardware, poor setup.
If you're going to purchase one, you should buy a pre-wired pick guard off of ebay for it, as well as a new bridge and tuners.
Mass produced more then any single product should. Cheap parts, half of the ones I've played had crap setups, and just poor quality overall. It's a guitar for someone just starting out who knows nothing or a bang around guitar.
Setup is irrelevant, you can fix that yourself. But yes, electronics are about as cheap as you can get.
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low end stuff great for beginners. but as imgooley has stated you can find a good one out of the lot.

my brother was a lucky guy ended up with a great sounding stock artic white model. modded it the hell out into a even greater sounding shred guitar. you wouldn't know it was a bullet now.
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