Hey, this is an unfinished and unorganized piece that I just wrote. The tune is bluesy and groovy, like Marley, but less laid back, based on a very simple catchy progression with some cool syncopation. Definitely an acoustic song. (the progression is C#m, B, F#, E), it changes in the second verse (or whatever you want to call it), but I've only got the melody for it in my head, no progression yet. Had an emotional day, figured I should write a song.

Do you remember me?
Cause I remember fondly how we
would have done so much, given the time.
Treetops and your golden locks, swaying in line.

When words shine through paper;
when there are no lies,
innocence and happiness have passed you by.

When all you know has gone to show
you've always been this low.
If songs could flow, and come to grow
into a lifesaving rhyme.
If friends could go, and never owe
one last goodbye.
The tune would never end
on a sour note.
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