My friend who plays bass in this little jazz group we have wants to get a new bass amp, but like the rest of us, he's short on dough and the band is already gigging and tired of borrowing gear

basically, i just want to hear all of our opinions on which bass amp he should get

typically, i'd say $500 or lower would be the price range, but i didn't ask him just yet

what do you guys think?
500 should be more than enough.
He wouldn't be cranking it in a jazz ground right?
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$500 for a nice transparent jazz sound? Get $50 more and go for a Carvin combo.

Ashdown and carvin are probably going to be the best around that price range, and the ashdowns have a distinctive "rock" warmth. For very clear articulate playing, and overall versitility a carvin would probably be a better choice.
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500 should be more than enough.
He wouldn't be cranking it in a jazz ground right?

well, we all know eachother from jazz band in school, and share the same love, so we formed a jazz band, but we mainly do covers, like rock covers and jazz songs here and there

john mayer, maroon 5, bee gees, you name it

we've just been gigging lately, doing stuff like jazz cafes and birthday parties, and soon we've been offered to play at bigger jazz festivals about to happen near the end of this month and next, so a new actual bass amp comes to mind

here's a vid of us if you're interested


both me and our bassist borrowed my friend's gear for the show, his bass and guitar amp,
i now play through my new carvin V3 and our bassist needs something that could possibly match up to it standing next to eachother