1.recently got a peavy valveking 112

Well at first something was wrong with the lead/distortion channell(blown tube) but got it fixed, now its fine.


1.I see alot of people use amp distortion with an OD pedal, and am considering trying it...right now I use a BOSS Metalzone for distortion. Would it be a good idea tot ry(with my playing preferences)

I usually play Metal, Pop punk, a little bit of classic rock.

Mainly Metal and pop punk.

Well, the Metalzone I like...but its a litle to crunchy for pop punk.

What can I do for a softer distortion sound? I don't want it to sound clean, but just not really distorted.

Other Q

Recently got a Chorus Ensemble pedal (Boss)

While I was there, the GC guy recommended the AC adapters...So I said what the hell, might as well stop blowing through the 9volts. So I got two(for both pedals).

He gave me Morley 300 adaptors, in the Boss pedal manuals, it says use a Boss BCR or PCA(forgot exactly what it was) 120 or 220 adaptor..

Would it be ok to use the Morley adapter?