Poll: Would you let your guitar god sign the guitar of your dreams?
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I was discussing this with some guitar players and got some varied responses. I just got my Breedlove acoustic guitar signed by Andy Mckee and couldn't be happier. I feel as though it's a way to pay my respects to musicians who help shape my style as a musician.

If I could, I would have every CandyRat artist sign my guitar (which I plan on doing slowly but surely) and would view it as a masterpiece. I don't really care that much about the resale value of the guitar (that might change if I ever had to sell it) and I don't think it hurts the sound at all.

Of course, I bet the guitar players who view this negatively wouldn't mind having had their guitar signed by the likes of Jimi Hendrix or Micheal Hedges. You can't really lie to yourself and say no, so why would it be better if they had passed away?

So would any of you ever have your most precious axe signed by your guitar god?

Also, to make this a little funner, who would you let sign the guitar of your dreams? (must be living)
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sure would. mine is only a Yammi FG730S though...

even then, unless teh guitar was given to you or for some other reason holds sentimental value, it can be rebought or replaced. a chance to get a signature cant
yea good point depends on how nice of a guitar you have,if its like 2000$+ nobody is ganna sign it in my life
On the pickguard.

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No, the only thing that's gonna come near my guitars is my own sweat!
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Absolutely not. The signature would just be a testament to their arrogance, anyways.
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No signatures on my guitars.

On a picture, maybe...
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On my dream guitar? No. My acoustic has the signature of Tommy Emmanuel, though. So in that circumstance, that would be the guitar that would be signed.

But they'd still have to be pretty special for me to consider it.
The only two people I would let sign anything of mine would be either Allen Ginsberg (typewriter case), Johnny Cash (acoustic case), or Burl Ives (nylon string that I used for busking for a while). They're all dead, so I guess I wouldn't let anyone sign anything of mine.

Edit: correction; I would still let Roger Waters sign my original movie poster of The Wall, but I know he wouldn't.
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if its a very old beaten guitar then maybe
otherwise i will never let any mere mortal deform my precious instrument
mine is signed by two awesome fusion guitarists (rodrigo y gabriela) and im selling it soon, buying a better guitar which im hoping to get signed by andy mckee
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I'd let him sign the back of the headstock, if anything. It's discreet enough there to be both awesome and unobtrusive.
i'd only let them sign the side wood near the neck. i dont want their signature on the top.
no im sorry i enjoy playing my guitar to much to let someone sign my guitar. I would be to worried about ruining the signiture and it would detract from my playing. i have only met a few "famous musicains" and i always ask to get a photo with my wife and buy them a shot or drink and then go away and mind my own buiseness. and wow is scott travis tall
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No, unless they played the same model guitar as me.

So, maybe young Jack Black from the Tenacious D movie?
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I had thought about this awhile back when I thought maybe I'd have the chance to get Tony Rice to sign it. I concluded that if it was a cheap guitar that you're just going to hang up as a trophy, sure. But, if it's your favorite guitar that you play alot, especially in public, no. It's distracting and ugly and it takes away from your credibility, as most mature great players would never be seen with somebody else's signature like that.
No way. It's my guitar, so why should I let them put their name on it? Hell, if anything I should sign my own guitar so people know it's mine!
I have a wood body guitar(no Painted) so I would and I could play the other guitar if the signature was not good
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two weeks ago, Joe Satriani Signed the back of the headstock of my Gibson SG classic.
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I wouldn't let somebody sign a guitar I intended to play... If I had the dough I might get them to sign a guitar to hang on the wall, but even that's pushing it.

I don't really like signatures in general though, I don't see the attraction in having somebody's signature. I'd much rather a picture/conversation or something with the person/artist..

FAKE EDIT: Oh.. but I do have a guitar covered in signatures. They're my friends signatures/stories/jokes/whatever though.. It was a cheap junker guitar I took to a festival and hence is used as a souvenir...
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No, because my guitar represents me, my image, I don't want someones scribble all across it..
yep mine has been signed by my god
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Eventually I'm going to get an Ibanez PGM301 (Paul Gilbert signature) and I'd love to have that one signed by the man himself, and I would have it right on the body if the chance ever came, but I've never thought about getting an acoustic signed before... I can't say I really have any particular favorite acoustic player, so I'd have to think about it, but if I did have a favorite I wouldn't mind it being signed, you only live once, who cares if it ruins the resale, which it probably won't if it's a big name person signing it.

I'd love to also have a Les Paul signed by Joe Walsh, an Explorer signed by Tommy Shaw, an SG signed by Eric Clapton, and another Les Paul signed by Jimmy Page, in addition to another SG signed by George Harrison (which wouldn't be as cool because he wouldn't be signing it for me, since he's dead and all). Getting the PGM signed is the most likely unless I became a rock star who could arrange backstage visits with the other artists :P
on the headstock... for inspiration

A few hours later...

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No. Instead of getting a signature I'd ask him to play some guitar with me, take a photo for the memories and compliment him on his career.
No. Definitely not.

If I was to get an autograph from Jack Black or Josh Farro, I'd rather have it on something made of paper... like a program or something. It'd ruin the look of my guitar, plus what if the piece they signed broke and I had to get a new one?
I think that having a signature on it would ruin it. I just wouldn't feel right playing something like that. Also, I like my guitars to be nice looking.
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I totally would
If I actually got the chance for Guitar stars to sign my guitar.

My whole guitar would be filled with signature..


Jack Johnson, Andy Mckee, Kotaro Oshio, etc etc..

Gods? Legends..
I'd be too embarrassed....
Unless i had a better guitar
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No, because my guitar represents me, my image, I don't want someones scribble all across it..

I couldn't have said it better myself. I feel as if my guitar is an extension
of myself. It would be like having Ron Jeremy to sign my johnson....

I dont even know why anyone would wanna play a les paul bullseye ZW
or a Frankenstrat replica EVH...Its not yours...
The major goal of a musician is to be unique..and not under someone else's
shadow. Tony iommi is probably my favorite player today..but no way would
i let him sign my SG...No way...

btw..i got my SG for the power of a solid body and the range of a strat..
and that sound that lies between the two. I never wanted one until i played it.
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I don't know. I'd let them sign my guitar pick or something else cause my guitar is like my lady. Them signing it is like letting them bang my chick. You might say letting someone play your most precious guitar is like letting someone bang your chick, but signing it leaves it's mark for good.
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