I have an ehx metal muff and it dosen't give me the sound i am lookin for. I am trying to get close to a pantera and metallica sound. I cant get good pinch harmonics sound with my metal muff.... any suggestions??? i have a budjet of about $130-150
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If its just pinch harmonics, is it not more economical to, work on technique? Seen as their more technique than equipment.
well, its not just the pinch harmonics, I just need a more heavy sound all around. it wasn't what i expected when i bought it
Esp M1007
ISP Decimator
5150 III
Basson 412
ooh, Thenn. Um, Do you have a solid state amp orr, Tube amp =) ?

Edit: Ahh spider, Umm, you could tryy Digitech Death Metal perhaps OR, a Pod 2.0, which i reccomend more. =)
Urgh, i payed £50 second hand so thats about $100 dollars?, Check Ebay =)
i really don't like going second hand but i mightjust try it
Esp M1007
ISP Decimator
5150 III
Basson 412
Quote by ironman606
i really don't like going second hand but i mightjust try it

You can get stuff new off of ebay don't forget
new amp ftw

savw more money!!!!

sell the spider or throw it somewhere... whatever your reference...............
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how do you even use a distortion pedal on your modeling amp without it sounding like hell vomiting with hiss?
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Don't recommend that.

For disto, maybe a modded boss DS1?
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you can solve this whole problem in a few simple steps:

1) save up a bit more money
2) sell the spider to some stupid n00b for more than its worth
3) buy a RG50TC (if you have problems saving), or a 5150 (if you can get a total of ~ $750)
4) make sure you buy used!

those 4 steps will save many metal heads looking for teh br00t4lz

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

My advice would be to work on your pinch harmonics, keep the metal muff, and save up for a better amp, probably tube, although if you're wanting to play b00t4lz a good solid state amp could also do the trick. Modelling amps don't like distortion pedals much at all.

Basically, read ssguitar's post.
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um i got a metal muff and i get those sounds fine

try a danelectro FAB flange
hell cheap and will get u a perfect cowboys from hell tone
also whoever said mi audio crunch box must be an idiot

i have both pedals

crunch box's are amazing but will not give u a metallica pantera sound

stick with the muff and add flange