i found this guitar i really like, i ask my mom if i could get it and she could pay for like half and she says yes, like totally, anytime. so i go to the site and shes like ok ill do it next week. so im like holy **** awesome i cant wait. so next week comes and shes like "well maybe il get it in a few weeks" and im like fine whatever. then the next day she says in a month, and then today she says next GODDAM YEAR. WHY IS THIS PMS OR SOMETHING?
Maybe it's because you ask her too often.
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Well think of it this way: If she keeps stalling, you can earn the other half by yourself and buy it.

Then when it arrives you falcon punch her, tell her to keep her promises and demand half the expenses.
Maybe she needs to have the money to pay for it? If you want it so bad then just save and buy it yourself.
Maybe you should tell her, not us.
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Quote by Von.

Then when it arrives you falcon punch her, tell her to keep her promises and demand half the expenses.


What he said, get the half of the money, and tell her to pay upp.. if not..

Maybe you should be grateful that you have a guitar and quit bugging your parent's for a new guitar. I am sure they do enough for you as is. If you took the time to save up for half of it...then save up for the rest and get off your parents ass. Yeah it sucks that she lied to you, but maybe she don't have the money.
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What guitar would this be?
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My god, you are 16 and you are still whinging like a little girl. Grow up and suck it up! "OH mummy won't buy me a geeetar waaaaaa".

Are you even in a band? Just buy it yourself or let her buy it in her own time. She may have bills that need to be paid or debts that need reimbursement and did you ever think of that? I didn't think so.
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What guitar would this be?

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She's probably up to her asshole in debt, give her a break already.
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Um... maybe she doesn't have the money right now.