im just looking for some easy tunefull songs to play and sing
happier summer songs mostly, and pretty well known kinda party songs

ive recently learned margaritaville, brown eyed girl, hey hey what can i do, and cats in the cradle

along those lines
simple chord based songs
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The Beatles seem to work nicely
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Highway to Hell or any AC/DC song really their songs mostly revolve around several chords and the pentatonic scale
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if anybody could find chords or anything for chickfactor by belle and sebastian
it would be much appreciated also
anyone else but you from juno i think its by the moldy peaches its just g and cmaj7 and it sounds nice
heres the list i play when i perform for tips-

James blunt - you're beautifull (girl's love it)
Guns&roses - knocking on heavens door
green day - good riddance
Foo fighters - times like this (a mix between the acoustic version and the original)
Nirvana - smells like teen spirit
Green day - waiting
unwritten law - cailin
led zepplin - stairway to heaven
System of a down - aerials
System of a down - lonliest day of my life
blink 182 - **** a dog
blink 182 - adams song
box car racer - letters to god
plus 44 - when your heart stops beating
plus 44 - No it isnt
nirvana - polly
nirvana - come as you are
pennywise - stand by me

thats about it,
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