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Im not a fall out boy fan either but i thought you covered this pretty well. I think what you could work on improving is capturing the sound better. I understand your making videos so its hard but work on mic placement and your software. Singing was off at a few points but not bad.


All I can say is, you have some balls posting a cover of Fall Out Boy on Ultimate-Guitar because of how much bashing they get.
i find it funny how people who obviously dont like fall out boy even bother to listen to a song that they know beforehand they will not like..what is the point in that? if u are just going to come to a thread to bash a band..be mature and go somewhere else..and maybe actually give some criticism that is constructive..and try to act like adults instead of a bunch of pre pubescent kids that most likely suck at guitar..and probably life in general..ok then about your cover..it was pretty good but the singer went off pitch in a few places..and i like the little lead parts in the background but u should turn the volume up a little
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