My band is planning to record within a month or so and we're all poor college kids so we're recording budget-style. I happen to have a protools set up on my computer.. so the plan is to record with my set up at our rehearsal studio. Now, I feel comfortable when it comes to recording guitars and bass because I do that all the time on my own and it sounds pretty good. Vocals should even be fine I suppose. However, I've never recorded drums so my question is this.. how do you guys typically mic the drums? I only have the 1 mic, but the guy who runs the place has a son who happens to be in sound engineering, and I'm fairly certain he could help us out if needed. The only mic I have is an AKG Perception 220.. which may be useless when recording drums - I really have no idea. Anyway, if the guy's son, for whatever reason, couldn't help us out, we would probably try to find a spot for my mic and try to record drums that way. Will this work to a reasonable degree? or if not, what should we do?