Ok I have my jcm 800 and its in sad cosmetic condition (along with the cab). I am thinking about overhauling it to look new again. While I was ordering all the new goodies for it I had an idea: I have a bunch of herculiner left over from doing the bed of my truck. Should I herculine the head and cab, rather than tolex, for a original (not to mention tougher than hell) look? cool concept or dumb idea?
Depends whether you like the look of it. And might it effect the sound of the cab?
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yeah thats what I'm worried about and once the deed is done this stuff aint coming off. anybody else wanna give their inout on how it might effect the sound of the cab?
If its a thick material, it possibly could improve the bass response of the Cab, as it would seal the gaps, and re-inforce the sides. Also, a thicker, carpety material could insulate the head, causing more temperature.
Feel free to correct me though, not 100% sure on that material.

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well herculiner is almost like a sealer for the bed of your truck. you paint or spray it on and it then hardens to like a shell over whatever its protecting. I have a built in fan in my 800 so heat shouldnt be a problem, but good thought on the bass response I didnt even think about that