My band is planning to record within a month or so and we're all poor college kids so we're recording budget-style. I happen to have a protools set up on my computer.. so the plan is to record with my set up at our rehearsal studio. Now, I feel comfortable when it comes to recording guitars and bass because I do that all the time on my own and it sounds pretty good. Vocals should even be fine I suppose. However, I've never recorded drums so my question is this.. how do you guys typically mic the drums? I only have the 1 mic, but the guy who runs the place has a son who happens to be in sound engineering, and I'm fairly certain he could help us out if needed. The only mic I have is an AKG Perception 220.. which may be useless when recording drums - I really have no idea. Anyway, if the guy's son, for whatever reason, couldn't help us out, we would probably try to find a spot for my mic and try to record drums that way. Will this work to a reasonable degree? or if not, what should we do?


ull need 3 different mic models but about 7-8 mics

1 mic for the bass drum
2 mics for snare above and below to create reverse phasing sound
2- 3 mics on toms
2-3 mics on overheads

ur sound engineering buddy should no what mic models u will need

as each mic is designed to pick up different frequencies
makes sense.. alright, we'll have to get some help then.. thanks

You could just mic the room like Zeppelin did if you can't get a proper drum mike setup.
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What martin suggested is ideal, not necessary. If you don't have access to mics for every drum, try doing two overhead drum mics. If you pan those hard left and right, you can get a pretty decent sound. PM me for any tips. I've also done some recordings with a single overhead mic (large-diaphragm condenser) over the drummer's right shoulder. Ask for sample recordings if you want to hear what this sounds like.
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Yeah 3 minimum mics would be good, 2 overheads and 1 bass drum. but decent sounds could be made from 2 overheads or even 1 overhead pointed at the snare.
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