So, I'm looking for some kind of programme, or website, that will allow me to fiddle with some kind of drum beat, to play riffs that I come up with against.. to get some idea of if it'll work etc - if you understand what I mean. Not being in a band makes it hard to do this kinda thing,

So if anyone knows a FREE website or programme they use for drum beats, just simple beats, please let me know =D

Hydrogen Drums
google it, its free and pretty good too
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Hydrogen Drums
google it, its free and pretty good too

Its great, but its not exactly user friendly. But once you get the hang of it, its very solid and has a tonne of features.
^After using hammerhead it took me fifteen minutes to get used to hydrogen and I prefer it a lot more. It helps if you look at the demos to see how everything works I find.
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Quick question if anyone can help- I deleted Hydrogen after installing Leopard, because the graphics got screwed up and it was near impossible to use. This week I went back to download it again for another shot, and I couldn't find it on their download page. Is it still there?
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