Now i understand, Voicings are simply different ways of playing an arrangement of notes, like inverted chords right?

Well this book im reading says that there are set 4 voicings

its saying

1 is most appropiate for strumming

All purpose voicing

Broken set form, blah blah works in jazz or blues

Closed voicings.

Now, my question is, how do i recognise these voicings? Like say i played D major in open form, thatd most probably be 1 right? then how would i recognise 2 3 and 4 up the fretboard?

To me , broken might be a chord played on the high E, B and G strings with a bass note on the A string. note voices are spaced wider, like a piano chord.

But , usually broken just means arpeggiated or play the notes of your chord individually (not strumming) but still holding a chord form.

closed voice is where the chord voices are close together. for example triads played on the three highest strings only.

jazz guitarist Freddy Green would be a great example. He would often play four different chords in the same measure, but because of his close voice leading, you may only have to change one note to get to the next chord. lots of chords with common voices sounds very smooth.

I have no idea what an all purpose voicing would be.