If money isn't a problem, go with the digitech whammy. You can get so many sounds from it. Also, the new Fender phaser coming out sounds really good. Crybaby wahs will always be my favorite as well.
EHX are great, MXR have come out with a new delay that is meant to be awesome and they have the Phase 90. Morley, RMC and Buddha are meant to make good wahs
Bos DD-6. They're -awesome-.
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delay - BOSS DD-6 or Line 6 Echo Park (recommended as it has **** loads more effects)
Wah - Vox or Cry Baby or maybe the slash signature as it has a growl control
Phaser - BOSS PH-3 (i think well its in my profile) works a charm but only through FX loop if using th amps gain