well it still need some fixing...but those are the basics of this song...
waiting your replies...

edit: piano added, a part in the solo changed...
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It had it's good riffs, bars 17 through 22 were my favorites, The solo was pretty good, the stuff in the beginning wasn't bad, but' it wasn't too good either. Pretty generic but still has alot of hope, you probably want to get faster later in the song.

6.5/10 thus far.


tiammetadeth, this was great. your chord choices were excellent and it was very well put together. this is something i'd listen to again and on my own. i'd love to hear a recorded version.

there are a couple things i'd change, but nothing major. some of the runs were a little scalar, but that's okay and it certainly fit this piece. you can also probably add more harmonies with the strings.

ms 12, try changing the bass, rhythm and string track to f#m. and try changing the strings in ms 32 to B7 and ms33 to a e5.

i liked this immediately, which is really rare for me when listening to ug stuff.

i love the call and response parts in the intro.

great job bro.

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thanks for both of you...
i worked with your advise in the 32 and 33...about the f#m in ms12, i think i got used to the E...and about the harmonies with strings i'll let my keyboardist take care of :p...where do you think it can be added?