i dont know if this is the right place to post this thread or not, so before you bite my virtual head off i apologise.

i just need some help.

i want people to write down as many scales used in rockabilly/country/surf music down for us as they can, and if possible the formula's for the scale (e.g. step, whole step etc. etc.)

i wanna know the scales so that i can learn them all off by heart n start writing songs round them.

my biggest influences are:
dick dale
the beach boys (i know,surf pop)
brian setzer/stray cats
billy fury
eddie cochran
gene vincent
johnny cash
chet atkins
richard hawley

thanks a million for reading

Its not so important that you know the scales like that to write music, sure it gives you somewhere to start, but it may also give you the tendency to be too...robotic, and limited in your playing, which you dont want in Rockabilly.

I sure youve learnt some songs already, but learn as MANY songs by you favourite artists as possible, then take interesting features or licks, use them, develop them, make them your own, then write with this.

Experimentation will get you much farther than sticking to scales religiously, though having a good knowledge of them is still important, but thats not all you need to write a song, give it a shot, let us know how you go.

i hope you will find that useful. Good writing.
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major and minor pentatonic....those, combined with a few passing tones, is all you'll ever need.
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major and minor pentatonic....those, combined with a few passing tones, is all you'll ever need.

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