Just wondering really, I didn't know it even existed until a few days ago because it's never talked about. Ever. While the JCM800, 900 and 2000 are talked about a lot.
Because more famous people use them series and because the 600 is discontinued and rarer
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I didn't know it even existed until a few days ago

I think you answered your own question. I've never heard about it either.
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Because no one likes them?
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the JCM900 is a killer amp, suprisingly good cleans. And moderner distortion than the JCm800.
the jcm 600 is a 60 watt all tube head.its not a well known amp because not many artists have slaped there name on it compared to the 800s e.g slash,zakk wylde,kerry king and then the 900s and 2000s are said to be better then them so they sell.i accually dont know of any artists who have used them.i mean we talk about the 800s 900s and 2000s because there A) most players if they own a jcm they would own one of the 3 because there more common,they only sold the 600s for 3 to 5 years or something. B) the jcm 600 lacked some features so ive heard. this is souly off what ive heard.to be honest i live in perth,western australia and ive only ever seen one.and that was for sale second hand.


you decide,from what i was reading they sound all right but id stick with my 900.

by the way if i have said anything wrong in this post,like inaccurate info its because its only what ive heard from people
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