hey sorry i know you forum heads hate these kinda threads

i heard a song by the white stripes played on the basement sessions, just acoustic guitar and bongo's

i downloaded it as little ghost, but when i look up the lyrics its leik for a completley different song, so i came to the conclusion that some one messed up they're mp3's

so do you guys know the name of the song i'm talking about, the lyrics go

i'm as ugly as i seem
worse than all your dreams
could ever make me

and it makes me want to scream
when its halloween
and the kids are laughign at me.

and yeah if you know please reply, i wanna learn it.

me you

if you notice any spelling mistakes, or grammar stuff, its cos i have tourettes syndrome and i cbf correcting it, cos that involves reading it over. so get the F*** over it.
as ugly as i seem

There you go.
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