Alright, in a nutshell. I play Thrash, NWOBHM, and possibley some deathy-metal stuff.

Metallica, Maiden, Megadeth, Slayer, all that fun stuff.

I can get a MT-2 for about 75 $, and I'm not really sure if I want it...is it any good?

I currently have an Agile LP-2000, but...not sure if that makes a difference.

thanks in advance guys.
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It sounds just plain nasty, in a bad way.
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ladmine Ds-1 or metal muff would be your best options.......metal muff is is very common though
i use this pedal, the eq is really versatile and you can get some pretty decent tones out of it. You won't get the sound of a Mesa Triple Rectifier but you can get some good things out of it if you monkey with it enough. More or less it depends on the amp its going into.
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Yeah I figured as much since he was selling it for about forty bucks less than it's original price, never gigged or anything...
Blackstar HT-5

Agile AL-2000 with Chrome Hardware
its the best metal pedal i think but i also love the line 6 uber metal. they are about the same price level
that pedals is for really high gain ****
lets say yplay slipknot and that kind of high gain, get it
for metallica get a ds-1 or domething like that
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If you get this, you're pretty much gonna have to get a gate, too.

I've found that it's versatile with the sweepable mids, but calling it a metal pedal was probably the biggest mistake Boss could have made. They should have come up with something better. Even Distortion Zone or something like that. But there are also much better pedals to be had out there.
its not good.
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It sounds just plain nasty, in a bad way.


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it's appalling

And this.

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its not good.

This as well.

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its the best metal pedal


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lets say yplay slipknot and that kind of high gain, get it
for metallica get a ds-1 or domething like that

Just no.

The Metal Muff might be a temporary solution untill you get a better amp. Amp gain is usually better.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
I used to use it until I realized it sounds really digital and harsh
the metal muff is a better option (its what I use now)
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yeah its a good pedal
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It's got blistering gain.

Seriously it feel blistering.

Mine has some funk going in the background.
so you probably want a noise compressor or noisegate.

Mm, anyone wanna recommend a good preset?

and just to add, the Boss ME-50 has the best distortion I've ever heard.
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yeah its a good pedal

for that price , try to save up for a modded ds-1 or modded mt-2. if u're not into the modding stuff u such check out the landmine distortion pedal pretty kickass pedal