Does anyone really know anything about it or use it?

I want to know about it because I'm getting a mac, and just want to see if I can get the best out of it and hopefully be able to play games only available on PC using boot camp.

I've heard you need the original windows XP CD's to make it work. I lost mine , so I was wondering if it would work if I burn them?

Thanks guys.
Yeah just download a copy of xp and a cd key, burn xp and you'll be good. My buddy just put boot camp on my mac last night so I can play some games I have that won't run on my mac. Also after installing boot camp and xp when you get in xp remember to install the drivers using disc 1 of the discs that come with the mac.
Okay sounds cool. So how much does bootcamp cost?

Also, if you're in XP using bootcamp, you can still run mac programs like garageband right?
ya i think its free, but i dont think its on tiger, it is if you have leopard though i'm pretty sure

How do I know if it had leopard or tiger?

I'm thinking of going for the macbook that's advertised for $1099 USD.
Boot camp comes with the mac and if you're in xp you can't access the mac part of the HD so you can't run garageband or the other things on the mac side. You'll probably find yourself in the mac side of the computer more often then not unless you are gaming anyway seeing as how leopard owns windows imo.

Edit: All news macs come with leopard
ahh cool cool.

Well I don't game much anymore, but if I was in the gaming mood one day I'd just start up mac as windows instead of turning this **** ass computer on.

Well thanks for the help guys that's pretty much what I needed to know
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yeah i mostly play WoW on this which will run with mac osx anyway lol so basically only once in a blue moon do I switch over to windows
Bootcamp comes built in leopard.
you can use a coped xp disc ( i did)

All new macs come with leopard.
If you got an old mac with tiger, I think you can still get a free beta version of bootcamp from the apple site.

Although you'll mainly use your mac, resist the urge to use windows. When I first installed XP, I was thinking "this is actually quite nice". I missed the programs menu, and how all your programs are in the toolbar. I hadn't quite got used to OS X yet. But where macs own is in all the stupid things that windows just gets wrong or broken with. In away. it's not that macs are brilliant, it's that windows goes wrong for no reason. Microsoft should work really hard on making windows "just work", then they wouldn't lose any more userbase

you can't use OS X apps when you have windows running, it is like you are running a different computer.
If you want to do that you want parallels, which drains processing power so you couldn't do games . I think gaming would work in bootcamp, but I haven't really tried TBH. I might install GTA 3 later...
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I have OS X 10.5.2. Bootcamp came automatically. It partitions your hard disk first(you can choose how much space you want each OS to take form the disk) and then leads you to install the Windows OS(either XP or Vista).
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