I'm working using garage band to do some original recordings. I'm not very happy with the models in Garage band, I can't get the right tones. Would some sot of POD help?
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possibly, but i would go try it out first
i would suggest it though, but get the one with the foot switch and expression pedal.
its much easier to work with.
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definately would help. i use the pod xt live and connect that via usb to my mac and record with garage band. check my profile for an audio sample. i also run bass through it
Check the link to my Soundclick page in my profile. All of my songs where recorded using a PodXT, unless labeled Vetta 2 or Legacy. If you're doing a lot of recording, I'd go for the X3. All of the model packs are included, there's an effects loop, and you've got the dual amp function.