Mine would have to be the Law and Order paper I did last fall where I argued that SVU is designed to be more emotionally appealing than the original, and the paper I'm about to start where I discuss the portrayal of Native Americans in Old Time Radio broadcasts from the 1940's and 1950's.
College is so much more flexible than High School.
I did a "Who Killed Kurt Cobain?" Type research project in high school and got an A. I then proceded to turn the exact same paper in for 5 different classes in college and received 5 more A's. Who said being lazy doesn't get you good grades?
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!
my media overexposure on police use of force incidents for my senior year of college and i guess now my thesis for my m.s. on 'stress, burnout, and use of force.' essentially i am explaining how they can effect one another
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I did a 'Legalization of Marijuana' research paper my sophomore year.

I had to research the history of my favorite band for a music class. I did one over Metallica.
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Although when it comes to quality Metallica take a big steaming turd on the Spice Girls faces (and you know the ginger one is loving it)...