Poll: wich one do you like the most ??
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View poll results: wich one do you like the most ??
3 9%
American Football
6 19%
2 6%
15 47%
6 19%
Voters: 32.
Guitar and masturbating.

But football (fine, soccer) if you're being picky.
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Of those four, American football, but my favorite sport is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Hi, I'm Peter
Tiddly wink football.
Paper aeroplane racing
'How much mud can you eat?'

I gotta hell of a lot of growing up to do.
Wrestling :-(. How cliche wrestling is left out of the sporting poll even though it is the most physically demanding and hardest sport in highschool.
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With boys it's like "here's an incredibly complex sport to learn with sophisticated rules and various interdependent roles to play in a social unit."

For girls it's like "here's Barbie...you're fat!"