I need help again. Vets, please identify this les paul custom, if it's fake or real.


I can only really get one from ebay, because I don't live in a country that has an authorized epiphone dealer, and the guitar is shipped from china, so it's close to my place and shipping is cheap.

Any help or info regarding it would be appreciated, thanks.
Can you check the serial number or something and see if it's authentic?
The picture aren't very large, but I don't see anything that would give me the impression that it is fake...
Its in france. Even if it is real, don't ever give France your money. They'll just take the money, the guitar, and RETREAT!!

EDIT: Look at the other stuff hes selling, hes got 2 ad's using the same pictures.... Yikes.
''FAKE!!!! FAKE!!!! FAKE!!!! DON'T BUY A GUITAR!!!! FROM THIS SELLER!!!! Apr-09-08 05:07''