I've been playing guitar for maybe 2 years now, but only real seriously for a year or so. Either way, I play mostly metal style guitaring. I enjoy the very technical and complicated guitaring. Some examples would be like Protest the Hero, After the Burial, etc.

I've got the style down, and I can put songs together well and I know what sounds good. My problem is that I don't have the ability to play all the things I'd like to.

The areas I need to improve on are fast, on time fingering matched with fast picking. I also need to work on scales for soloing and whatnot.

I have trouble mixing up and down strokes on single strings, moving from string to string in order to maximize play speed.

My question is, can anyone suggest some action to take in order to improve on these areas? All I've been doing is trying to learn songs that have this style of guitaring in them. I'm currently working on "In Dying Days" by As Blood Runs Black.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
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the way you are looking to improve will only happen if you practice like hell, and then some. get a metronome and start the fast stuff slowly, gradually building up when you can play it perfectly at a certain speed. seek out a teacher and you should be in good hands, and just practise the techniques you want to do, starting slowly.
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The best advice I think I can offer is to practice at slower speeds, build technique, and then slowly up the tempo. Break out the metronome, basically. Drill yourself, set a weekly speed goal. You basically have to build up the muscle memory on that sort of thing.