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Check out I have a good feeling about this. Looks like they're going to hit on some areas that could really help music artists, including bands, singers and musicians get the right exposure. Very interesting. Has a bit of an American Idol dimension to it. It’s all about reaching more fans. You actually get judged by the fans and get to tell your story. No gatekeepers. Simon and his gang won’t hold you back. Good luck!
Hi all,

Thanks for all the good tips! Just wanted to add one music service here ( I think they're quite new).

They're idea seems to be in the fair music market But what I saw, was that you can basically do everything that you can do in Myspace, but ten times easier! Like customizing your page (no html or codes needed), selling music (mp3's and flac), blogs, gigs, pics, facebook comments and stuff. Worth checking out, I think.
A lot of effort and nice work went in to compiling these lists. Thanks for increasing the useful information out there. I will pass it on when the opportunity presents itself.

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Hello i run a little radio station in Mexico and I´m looking for some bands that need airplay and advertising.
You just need to send us your demo or songs (high quality would be best) to any of these emails:

I´ll listen to the songs and will let you know if your band made the cut
ALL GENRES are welcomed so feel free to email us

You can check us out and listen to us at
Check this out.some good old irish Hard Rock.

irelands the place to be for hard rock at the moment
what with the answer, glyder,bandwagon,Silverbird and the like
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I've got a general query about all of this:

These are all amazing tools to help the musician get their music out to the world, but do we think that there might be a point where a band might put their music out in so many avenues that it would spread them too thin? I mean, instead of focusing on a good 5 sites or so and putting the rest of effort towards promotion physically and the sort...just wondering, what do you all think? :-D
Alright, so I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed here. Where to start and all that.

Right now, we've a facebook with some songs on it. Shit ton of fans already, but facebook only gets you so far. You mentioned myspace and twitter as the other two major sites. What about like, reverbnation and such? Should we start up some of those, or just focus on the main three? Also, tunecore, is it all that reliable? Seems a bit expensive.

Is giving away cd's for free the absolute best route? We had initially figured selling them at little gigs and whatnot for about five bucks each. Would that be counterproductive? We've a pretty good online fanbase, but we've yet to do shows, so we couldn't say what the turnout would be.
hey, ive got a fairly new band and am trying to help promote it, any adivice? weve got facebook but thats about it, any tips?
If you love rock then check out it’s got all the latest news and a FREE monthly download of the newest rock, punk and metal bands out there. It also has links to up and coming bands and can help with promo work.
I love how this thread has turned into an advertising board. Seriously.

I hate to bump this (even though it's a sticky), but some of these links don't work anymore. Those articles that were posted are goldmines of useful info. In our area, there isn't a venue to play music, yet we still hand out free EPs and flyers, and we have a decent following.
The Tap Music website is launching in September and will be a great way to promote your music and help get placement in commercials and movies. This company got The Dirty Vegas into a car commercial and is their latest project. You can upload songs, create profiles, listen to other independent music. If you want your music there now, email me for more info:
Just wondering, how much should I sell my bands badges for? They cost about 0.175p per badge, and we're getting a hundred made. So I'm thinking about selling them for maybe 50p - a quid, would that be alright? Just to help us with promotion.
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Couple of points, great online distributor is can release onto pretty much any store you want.

I released some tracks onto spotify and itunes, it went through this company but i used

They put my music online through ditto but did all the promotion for the album and booked me a few gigs and promoted them for me for a mini release tour, was an amazing service and gained me loads of publicity, would recomend them to anyone.
Hey, so apart from being a guitarist I also do graphic design work on the side. If you need a hand promoting your band, I do band posters, cd graphics, logos and websites. Discounts for UGers!! Check out my portfolio in my sig. Cheers.
I make band posters!

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I have my own general forum that's fairly new, but it's starting to take off. We have a section for artist or bands to promote their own music -
We also have a section for member to promote their websites, forums, profile pages etc -

I know its not a big forum atm, but it is growing every day.

This is an thread for ways on how to promote artist and bands, but sorry if my post is not allowed
Hey im starting up a website to promote up and coming bands. Is called check it out and tell me what you think, feed back would be really awesome using the contact us link on the page. Tell me what you think. Really.

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I am very happy with the logo of the group hard band that has meaning and that meaning is very clear

I don't understand how exactly you get your own music on Pandora Radio... I've looked on the site but I can't figure it out.... Can someone help me out here???
I thnkwe all know why I'm here...

Check out the site I have been working on if your looking to get music on a Pandora Radio station. I have been working on my own version of MySpace for bands with Pandora like radio station. The site is kinda raw right now but when I'm done with version 2.0, any bands that sign up will have a lot more features.

Pandora Like player
MySpace/Facebook look and feel
iTunes like store.

The site is raw but within the next 3 month everything should be live. Full ajax functionality, Newly designed Pandora like player just for the bands on the site, and an iTunes type store where you will be able to make about double what iTunes pays.
#74 is very nice too! You should add this to the list I think

Check me out. I'm a metal player who hopes to make it big someday. I've only been playing about 4 months solid (I had a person rip me off so I couldn't play for about 1/2 year). So yeah.. There I am. Check it out ;D
Hey everybody, I just wanted to add to the list of music sites. My site also offers free pub. for bands and artists. We feature online interviews, BIO's, and event postings. We cover all types of music. We will be adding our own lyrics database soon too. Moozikzoo is currently working out the bugs on it's very own social website for music lovers, producers, talent agents, and wel, anybody who is serious about music.
Check it out, it is all free and we do all the work for you! Just shoot me an email to get started