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Make your band and Promote it on social media networks like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and google plus is a woderful idea.

But You can learn about more at Inspire Music Signup on Facebook and Twitter. Don't give your band an impossible name like "Marching Band Compositions" because nobody will really find for that in bands. Try to give your band a classic name people will search for like "New Marching Band Music" or something like that.
Looking to show off your musical talent and get exposure?

Hoping to increase your name recognition as a musician and to grow your fan base?

Four UC Berkeley students and I are launching a unique music website which will allow musicians to compare their music to other songs of the same genre in a way never done before. Bands and individual artists will be able to promote their music and show viewers of the site what they believe are the best 15 seconds of their songs so that those 15 seconds can be faced off against the best 15 seconds of other songs. Viewers will be able to quickly listen to the best segments of multiple songs and vote on what they like the most. For every song that a viewer votes for they receive the information about the band/musician so that they can find more of your music and every vote helps a band make their songs trend so that they become the top 10 highest voted for the day! The site will be completely free and will be open to artists of all genres. We are looking for artists who would like to be apart of the opening of this site. We truly believe that there are amazing artists out there who aren't receiving recognition for their amazing songs and we believe this site will get music listeners listening to smaller bands and enjoying it! Anyone who is interested in showing their musical talent and would like to be apart of this venture please email for further information. We just want to spread good music because that is what we love!
You all need is to create a Facebook fan page and run a Facebook campaign there, you will get automatically subscribed to other musicians available online.
This is super awesome!no matter what the problem would be resolved, we will become more and more popular bars!
Pursue your object, be it what it will, steadily and indefatigably.
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Hey guys, we've released an electronic cover of "Adventure of a Lifetime" and we extremely need your help in order to promote it. Sharing our video is the best thing you can do and we truly appreciate it. So, please, if you like it, share it with your friends and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more. Thanks and much love to all of you!

Here's the video -
use social media and seo for your brand..its useful for brand.
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if you want to promote your band then you use social media because there are many traffic.
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