Ok this is a stupid little idea I had. Here it is:

You have to make the best song you can audacity.

However you can't:
- Record anything
- Import any audio

So, for those of you who haven't worked out how you are actually going to make anything, go to the "Generate Menu".

All you have are the sounds available on this menu and any FX you have. Obviously it will end up as more of an ambient soundscape than a song, but whatever.

I will add you to the list when you actually produce a song, not when you say "I'm in". when I have enough, I will pit up a poll.

sounds like a neat idea, I'll have to try some things out, I never knew you could do any work with audacity without recording or importing any audio...

sounds like crap and i only spend 10 minutes working on it but here it is...

I got bored with it....
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