man! i took this thing out to my garage to jam with the radio last night this thing sounds killer at high volumes! and it's only 15wats! my brother had it and didn't like it soo he gave it to me..and soo instead of carrying my heavy as hell ibanez amp around i carried this little thing and it sounds really wicked at high volumes.....guess this proves that big things come in small packages
I've had mine since I started out on electric - it's a nice package, and suprisingly loud for the size it packs. Also dirt cheap as it's hardly a new model anymore, so I'd say go for it - If you want reverb, go for the Blazer instead though.
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A friend of mine left one of those in my basement before he moved away. I don't think I ever even plugged it in. I think I ended up trading it for a box of strings or something.
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My first amp...does not sound good to me at high volumes, but I guess I'm used to my tube amp now. The distortion can get downright gross at higher levels.
My friend has one of those.... I thought it was terrible. He got it for free though, so you can't beat that.
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I'm still using mine .
... I need a new amp
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