i was thinking about customising my bass which is p j set up in fact its a squire but i wanted to put in some pickups that have a metal sound of heavy im not sure how to put it any ideas.
There isn't really any such thing as a metal sounding bass pickup - there are plenty of examples of bassists in metal bands using P, J or humbucking pickups. What kind of sound are you after?
well a metallica, soil and a bit of rage i dont really know much about pickups im fine with electronics and pots and blah but pickups i have know idea.
I know quite a lot of local metal players who changed the pickups in their fender basses to EMGs, and the result works really well!
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Cliff and Jason both had different basses Alembic, Spector, Rickenbacker, some basses had single coils, others Humbbuckers. As others said its all about your EQ.
i have ibanez gsr-205 and i am planning to upgrade it with new pick-ups i guess humbucking pick-ups...will it be fine or else i need something else to deal with it?? i mostly play death metal
I guess there isn't really a hell of a lot of people that have extensively tried different Pick-Ups and done side-by-side comparisons etc

**Woah, you should see/hear this interview with Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth - The Rhythm Guitarist (influenced by Steve Harris no less - odd, I know) He actually, now having money, tried out like every known Pick-Up he could get in his main recording Guitar, till he found a couple he loved for specific sounds etc. -----Point of that is------- I wonder if anyone has done something similar with Bass PU's .......? Hmmm

Anyway, I'll do the mandatory answer until someone can answer that^.
fatgoogle, I'm gonna say that any High-End Pick Up set would help heaps over your stock PU's. As well as mucking around with your EQ (as Charlatan_001 mentioned), having Low Mids can help but can also increase Muddy-ness - depending on your EQ range etc

The increase in 'Pick Up Ability', for lack of a better word , will help bring out that Aggressive Metal picking/plucking technique you've hopefully been working on .

And on the topic of Technique, having good control over whatever Bass style you use (Fingers/Pick) and then applying that technique to the Neck area of your Bass to produce a almost percussive sound (kind of like Slap) helps with getting "That tone" you are seeking.
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its ok i sort of get it so my eq fairly good but about emgs are those the ones that need a battery and a preamp and if yes are they difficult to install. If i choose some fender pickups or something i can still get a metal sound with the eq
What amp do you have? Chances are it'll make a hell of a lot more difference to put the money towards an amp rather than modding a Squier.
well i have a fender rumble 100 watt combo but at the moment i dont have eonough money to get a new one (that would be nice to). and i dont need a new one badly as in when i gig they have all the amps there