Hi guys, this is a new song i wrote last night.
I have just started recording it but would like any feedback on how to improve it.
It is supposed to be an opening to an album, so it isn't meant to be that long.

Thanks for your time, and of course c4c

edit: Should work now
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I don't think the strings actually suit the song, maybe you could keep them in the intro, but I think they don't really fit in the chorus.
The song sounds a bit boring to me, but it might sound ok with vocals, so can't really judge that. You might however add some better solo/lead to the outro, just to give it a little more energy.

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Needs the chorus at least one more time, the drums werent very good (Actually, the only part that was good was the last part) and it seemed to end way too fast. Some pretty good riffs though, you did a pretty good job, I suggest putting in another chorus or something maybe attempting some better drums and I dunno, add a solo or something.

Also, don't use American Clean - Pi Distortion. Ever.