So I'm a big fan of 6 string basses and I'm in the market for a new one. My budget is flexible based on the fact and I'm willing to save up to get a significantly higher quality bass. I've got about $1500 to work with currently, and I'd be willing to save up to $2500. Basses are an investment, so I want the best one for my money. However, I'm not really keen on just buying an expensive bass because it costs more than a $700 one that plays just as well.

I play a lot of progressive metal, metal, punk, jazz and a little slap. So I want something versatile, but with an emphasis on prog metal.


$630 - Ibanez SR 506 - I loved playing this bass in the store last I was in there. I really liked the thin neck that wasn't finished/laminated (so smooth). The goal here is to really beat this bass as far as an investment is concerned.

Schecter Stiletto Studio 6 - Disqualified for having a glossy/sticky neck...

$670 - Spector Legend Classic 6 - I've read great things about Spectors. Dan Briggs plays one. Do they have glossy necks?

$1700+ - MM Bongo 6 (Dual Humbucker) - Theres is a GC guy getting a price check on this bass for me right now. He said I can put half down to have it shipped so I can play it and see if I like it (if not I get refunded of course). And of course my idol John Myung plays it.

$2200 - Warwick Corvette 6 - I hear nothing but great things about Warwick although I've never played one myself. They've been hard for be to get a hold of.

I realize that I listed basses in completely different price leagues here, I just want some of your opinions about these basses. I'm interested for getting the best bass for my money, b/c it'll likely be my last bass purchase for a long time. I want something that will last for years.

So for the low end: Ibanez SR 506 or the Spector Legend 6? I loved the Ibanez, I want to know if there is anything the Spector will do better.

On the high end: Do these basses kickass? Are they worth the wait/savings time? Are they in a totally different league of quality than the Ibanez and Spector?

BTW, I know my amp sucks. I plan on getting a Carvin BX1200/410Neo this summer.

Thanks for any input!
Well, owning the 5 string version of that Warwick, I can say that they are well worth the money, and incredibly good basses. However, they have a distinctive tone and feel. You either love it or you don't.
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I wouldn't commit to one unless you play it first. Different string spacings, scale, or neck-width can make a huge difference if feel on a 6-string.
BTW. I'm one that doesn't like the feel of the Warwick 6-string at all (or really any non 4-string Warwick). But that's me...
The higher end basses are worth the extra money if you like the feel and sound.
I played a Warwick 5 string and I thought the neck was too fat. Love the 4 string version though.
I'm not going to commit to a bass just because UG said it was good. I just wanted some opinions. I'll eventually have to find somewhere to try out a Warwick or Spector. I've been calling around and its been quite difficult.
I would go for the Fender Custom Shop VI bass, but for your price range go for the Warwick there super comfortable and sound great.
the spector euro 6 strings are really nice. The MTD KZ 6 is also really nice and its cheaper. If your looking to use your basses as an investment i wouldnt buy anything for under $1000.
The bongo is possibly the most versatile bass that I've played.

Warwicks are love 'em or hate 'em maily because of the neck, also warwicks scrathe and dent very easily.

If your looking for something like the sr506 but higher end you could look up their prestige series, same thin neck but higher quality. The sr1006 is als oversatile but not as much as the bongo.
I clicked on the spector link and started messing around lookon at the diffrent bass.then i noticed that there was no color option for holoflash.Whered it go?

Also, I really like the sound of the Ibanez and the warwick, but the bongo is more versitile.
I love this sound ^
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