Greetings all--I'm a new member and I look forward to learning from you all.

I have a Hiwatt DR-103 that I'm considering selling, but I'm looking for some advice before I did so.

The serial # dates it to 1972, however, it is not 100% original. The power transformer was replaced with an old Dagnall. The amp plays loudly, cleanly, and beautifully, but the difficult thing is, I don't know if that's what a Hiwatt is supposed to sound like, because it's not like you come across these things every day so as to A/B them!

Cosmetically, it's a 6.5 out of 10. It's old, so naturally, there's tears in the tolex and it looks like it's seen a lot of late nights, but it's far from "thrashed." Certainly nothing that affects it's functionality or tone.

Anyhow, the advice I'm seeking is regarding how to sell it. I need to squeeze out every penny I can, as the money I get from this sale is going to become an engagement ring (go ahead--get the jokes out of the way early!).

There's the eBay route, then there's the Craigslist route, then finally there's the consignment route. Any other ideas are welcome.

I know each have their pros and cons, but I just wanted to get a range of opinions.

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...as the money I get from this sale is going to become an engagement ring...

Go rent Blood Diamond and watch it with your girlfriend (the extras too). If she's the humanitary/extra compassionate/whatever type, you might save a lot of money by not having to get a diamond.

...at least I tried to help
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Well the good thing with the eBay route is that if there is a demand for the amp it can fetch quite a bit, Hiwatts are very high regarded amps, but are generally quite expensive. If your price is low enough then people will think:
OMFG A CHEAP HIWATT!!!11oneoneone

Kind of at least, since they are getting more expensive nowadays, but since your doesn't have an original PT it isn't worth as much, but the thing is, then you might be able to sell it for such a price people will think that the price is so good, they might aswell get it. If the amp's popluar then, it will rise in price, since more people want it.
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