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I put on Craigslist for $40, and some guy offered me $70, i called him and he should be at my house in like 30 mins.

Do you think the guy got ripped off?

It comes with.....

A Bugs Life
Mario Party
Mario Party 2
Mario Party 3
Mario Tennis
Super Smash Bros.
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing
Rugrats - Scavenger Hunt
Mortal Kombat 4
Banjo Tooie
Banjo Kazooie
Buck Bumble
Kirby 64 - The Crystal Shards
Gex 64 - Enter The Gecko
1 Gray Controller
1 Purple See-Threw Controller
Memory Extension
Power Cord
A/V Cord

Yea I'm excited

I'm gonna buy a new cymbal for my Drumset.
You got ripped off.

Hands down.
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Hell no. I'd pay $100+ to have an N64 again. Not that I'm looking, I just really miss mine.
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You got ripped off.

Hands down.

I second that.
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N64 > Cymbal

Neil Peart would agree.
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N64 > Cymbal

Neil Peart would agree.

My Cymbal is half the size it was when i got it, its my only Crash, and i don't even play my N64 anymore.
Why would he offer 70 when you listed it for 40? He is an idiot.
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Why would he offer 70 when you listed it for 40? He is an idiot.

Well some other dude said he wanted to pick it up, so he just probably just offered $70 so he could deff. have it.
I'd rather have an N64 than any new-gen console... mainly cause I don't have time for 30+ hour realistic games anymore, I'd prefer to be able to pickup and play a game like Mario Kart or something.
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are you happy with the deal? if you are, then no, you didnt get ripped off.

Well seeing that i could of posted it and maybe got $100 I'm a little upset, but I'm just happy i can get a new cymbal, my crash is sooo ghetto yea, i guess I'm happy.
You don't have Mario Kart? You sir fail.

Also you got ripped off.
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damn i'd just keep the freaking games and N64! i'd miss them some day and regret selling them for a cymbal.
i once listed an N64 for £50 and a mega drive for £40 in a games magazine and several people rung up wanting to buy them. i decided not to sell in the end but the point is you can make quite a bit of cash selling retro games consoles.
I paid 10 dollars for one at a yard sale like 2 years ago, it had like 2 controllers and a couple of games as well.
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wow, in a couple of years N64s are gonna be worth some serious value, an they have song of the best games ever, what were you thinking
I've done worse in the past... I gave away my Super Nintendo My friend was like 'can I buy it off you?' and I was just like, you can have it; I never use it anyway.

I still miss it

Luckily I still have my N64 although Goldeneye has gone missing :O
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Damn i could of had $100

Could HAVE had...and you got ripped off

P.S. - You don't have ZELDA!!?? You must just not want to get rid of it.
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don sel pls kthxbai
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Well the way i got the N64 and games was, my mom had her friend living in her basement, and me and my friend stole it from him so yea, i would have the Zelda games, 007, and Mario 64 but yea i got ripped off
Well you sir should be well and truly shot down because your selling it in the first place. That my friend is sacrilege.
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Steve owns it again lol

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I always own it, you know that.

Good old Steve =D
You might as well throw in the deed to your house while you are it. That is the biggest ripoff ever.
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I'll logic you right in the thyroid.

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Why do people think he got ripped off? Those games are worth $1 each at most, and the console can be bought at a fleamarket or goodwill for $20.
This is why you do research before selling. I never understand these "was this a good deal?" type threads.
He offered you $70 when you only wanted 40?

And he's coming to your house?

Mmmm, coffee

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Shoot, I just sold 6 games last week for 15$ a piece, and 40$ for both Banjo games.

So either you should have tried to sell it for more, or I just found a sucker.

Take whichever response makes you feel best about the situation.
What the hel;, i saw a Gamecube for 15$ with 2 controllers at this used cd place....
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