Check out my band, we're from south dakota. i wouldnt say were straight up metal, but we like to mix it up a bit with melodic parts and different stuff like that. the songs are really long but they change quite a bit. www.myspace.com/chokemanifold
Be careful making a thread promoting your band every day, you might get banned. I checked out the link the other day when you posted. You guys sound pretty solid. I'd download your album from piratebay.
Oh okay, thanks man. Were trying to setup some places where u can download it. I looking at mp3.com right now, just check out the myspace and we'll list it on our blogs so you know where to find it.
Your guy's music is right down my alley. I like the experimental aspect of your sound because I was drawn into it. I also like that sludgey guitar tone on In the Abyss of Reality.