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And they have a few guitars and amps

Gibson Les Paul Classic
Epiphone les paul junior
Schecter Synyster Gates custom
Ibanez S470
Fender mia Fat strat
Fender MIM Fat strat
Fender mim tele
Ibanez rg 1570
Gibson SG faded special
Fender MIj Tele
ESp Ltd Ec-1000
Custom shop first act (yup a 3000 one)
Gretsch white falcon
Gibson es-335
Jackson Dk-2m

Peavey classic 30
Marshall jcm 800
Mesa/boogie Dual rectifier
Vox ac30
Fender twin reverb
Orange thunderverb


Wich combination would you choose

i would go for the schecter with the mesa
Vintage V-100, EMG 81&60
Chapman ML-1

Jet City JCA20H
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Where are the Telecasters?

happy now?
Vintage V-100, EMG 81&60
Chapman ML-1

Jet City JCA20H
the les paul with the marshall stack.
Guitars :
Fender American Stratocaster
Jackson RR3
Ibanez S470
Epiphone Les Paul
S470 - Mesa

Ibanez S370 (all custom)
Mesa Boogie Studio Pre
Fender Champ 25se (used to power Mesa pre)
Custom 2x12 cab w/ Eminence Texas Heats
s470 and the mesa =))
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Tele and the Ac30

that would be sweet
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I personally think that the syn custom is pretty good bang for buck
Vintage V-100, EMG 81&60
Chapman ML-1

Jet City JCA20H
None, really. =/

I mean, if I was forced to, and my life depended on it (for some strange reason), I guess I would choose the Les Paul and the Mesa/Boogie, because I would at least (almost) have the same setup as Pelican (they use Triple Rectifiers, though).

But, really, I wouldn't choose any of them willingly.
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Gibson and AC30 ftw
Takamine EG5015S
Fender Telecaster Deluxe
Fender Strat
Fender Stage 1600 (160 Watt)
Digitech Hot Head
Digitech Hot Rod
Digitech DF-7 Distortion Factory
Gibson Les Paul Classic with Marshall jcm 800
-Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008 (Desert Burst)
-Squier BulletStrat
-Marshall MG100HDFX
-Marshall AVT412A
-Fender Frontman 15G
-Digitech RPx400
-Boss (MT-2, MD-2, GE-7, DD-7, CE-5. TU-15, BCB-60)
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Gibson Les Paul Classic
Traynor YCV 50 Custom Blue

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out of those, Gibson and the AC30 or JCM. But i would love to at least try out a Rick sometime.
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happy now?

This pleases me.

The Tele and the JCM 800 (goin for a Tom Morello sound )

Cliche, but they are the best for me!

I would have said the Strat, but they one you put is a MIM and the ones with a humbucker...
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Ibanez and Mesa. I have that Ibanez and I really want that Mesa :P
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LP Classic+ AC30.
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I'd be annoyed at having wondered into the kids section and head out back looking for an Ashdown ABM or an Ampeg SVT or something classy
I'd just go for the Mesa.

Nothing else interests me.
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Fender Telecaster and Mesa.
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gibson les paul and ac30

although that ibanez is tempting...
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Godin Freeway Classic
Orange Crush 30R
Zoom G7.1ut
Boss OS-2
gibson and marshall
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