I have a jackson dkmg with a licensed tremolo. My high e string broke and as I was turning the nut for the saddle the head snapped off the threads. Now I have the screw stuck in the saddle. I can't even find anywhere online that sells replacement hardware for the fr. The floyd rose official site is down and I'm not sure if their parts would fit a licensed trem. Does any one know how I could remove the broken screw and find new ones? I was thinking of just buying an original floyd rose but I didn't realize they were like 200 dollars, so thats out of the question, and it would probably cost a fortune to get a machine shop to make new screws.
warmoth or all-parts might carry what you're looking for
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thanks guys but none of those sites seem to have what I need. They are parts for original floyd rose, not licensed. The screws for the original are much longer and only have threading 1/2 way up the screw, where as mine are very short screws and fully threaded