Hello UG

So I want a distortion pedal that is basically.. versatile. Something that would give me an overdrive (like Stevie Ray Vaughan) and a heavy distortion sound (Like Megadeth)

I already checked out the DigiTech Distortion Factory, and I didn't like it. The amp that I'm currently using is a Vox VR15, and im using an Epiphone Les Paul.

My budget is up to 200 dollars.

I'd say a Boss Metal Zone, turn down the gain for "Stevie Ray Vaughan" stuff but $200 will get you 2 good pedals. The Metal Zone and the Ibanez Tube Screamer both add up to 200.
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I think a Jekyll and Hyde OD/Distortion would work. Only $150, and you get a Tubescreamer-style od and a distortion pedal.
uhm i would go with a boss metal zone. i have one and i get great sounds from bands like metallica and megadeth. if you turn the gain down and adjust the knobs a bit you can get great overdrive and light distortion
Why are people recommending the Boss Metal Zone? To be honest I don't think he's going to get a nice "Stevie Ray Vaughan blues overdrive" from the Metal Zone. Even then, I would recommend the Metal Muff over the Metal Zone. (But not in this case)

Alright, the Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde would work as qotsa1998 said. I believe your Vox amp has a overdrive channel, correct? So you could drive the Jekyll and Hyde with the overdrive channel on to get a metal sound. Keep in mind that you could also leave both Jekyll and Hyde side on at the same time.

Also, check out the MI Audio Crunch Box. I've heard nothing but good things about its distortion.
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