So I've just picked up an acoustic guitar and am starting to mess around to get the feel for the thing, I've borrowed it from a friend and he hasn't touched it in a while so I figure it needs some tuning.

I drive down to guitar center and grab myself a cheap tuner, a KORG guitar/bass tuner GA-30.

So now I've set this thing on my guitar and I'm completely clueless.

I start out playing 5A (and unless I'm completely wrong here the A string is that thickish one second from the top...) and the tuner consistently tells me it's 4D. the manual for my tuner says it detects and tunes for 5A but I cannot get my A string to even resister as anything A.

The only string that I've been able to tune in correctly is 1E so I know it works I'm just completely clueless what to do to fix everything else.

As much as I know the last person to use this guitar tuned it completely out of wack so can someone please give me some advice to help me get back to standard tuning ?

much apreciated

4D is being detected as a very flat 3G, and 3G is being detected as either 5A or 1E... help !
that happens with automatic tuners if the guitar is too out of tune. it recognizes it as a different string.

go to this online tuner, tune it roughly using that, and then the automatic tuner should recognize the strings correctly. after that, use your automatic tuner to tune it more precisely.