nice song,loved the intro

the guitars needs to be a little louder ,plus the riff is a bit repetetive at first but then it gets better

both solos needs some work,i did not like the bends in it

i liked the vocalist voice and lyrics

good job

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The quality was good but it wasn't mixed very well. The song itself was pretty good. More effort in mixing would really bring the track to life.
Nice intro, very dark and sets an atmosphere. The lead guitar going in the verse with the vocals doesn't do much for me, seems to take attention away from the vocals. When it gets heavier I like the guitars in it, I didn't care for the vocals too much in this part but I'm not going to focus on that. Like someone said before the guitars should be mixed a bit higher, just to bring them out. I like the riff around 2:26, an option would be to play this clean but that probably wouldn't work in transitions. The first solo didn't do too much for me, didn't find it anything that great. The second solo however was much better and I enjoyed this one a lot more. Nice work overall, just could use a bit better mixing like someone said before.

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loved it, especially the riff over the main intro. i loved the vocals also, very good and they suited the music. good job bro
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Was very cool until the guitars got distorted. Then the tone became a bit too scratchy for my taste, the mixing got really weak, and everything really just fell apart for me. The solos were pretty cool though. All in all, it was a kind of meh-y recording. The writing was strong though, so good job.


i listened to both songs, on a side note onward towards the end was pretty good too
anyways, this is really good material, the drums sounded a little odd though, but the song matter as a whole was very good stuff and i can definately see the megadeth/maiden influences coming through, the riffs were just right and the acoustic work fitted very well
the solos could have been performed better, as the bends seemed a little off pitch, and although i realise they were melodic ones, maybe something more wank-y and longer could have worked at least as well

overall this is a v good job
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Dude, that is some good ****. I like it alot!! A bit too depressive for something for me to listen to casually, but its awesome! I get a feeling of Jack Black in some way.
nice start, during the first verse i feel the second guitar needs an effect to make it more full
the mix of the distortion guitar needs to be adjusted it sound a tad to weak

the vocals sound a bit to dry, so add some reverb, but a good voice none the less

the guitar solo sound nice, some parts can be tweaked but overall it was a good sound and a nice melody

overall its a good song i liked it heaps

all that is needed is just a bit more mixing and some effects to make it sound more nice

second solo ... this solo doesnt have the same flair as the first i feel but it still sounds nice but once it joins to the first riff that was used under the first it does sound a lot nicer

well done
I listened to "Our Grave." Yeah, the vocals feel like they need something. I'm sure just a reverb effect or something will do the trick. Just seems to lack depth. The guitar rhythm is sweet. The lead fits well at 2:46, but there's a note that shows up at 2:56 that seems just a little sharp and out of place, as if it was overbent. It actually sounds kinda cool if that's what you were going for. The lead at 3:58 is much better, and the transition to the breakdown/outro is nice. Thanks for critting mine.
I enjoyed this alot, old school metal with prog feels to it, great stuff! The production could be a little heavier, and the vocals sound a bit dry.
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Intro was great, the transition/tempo change sounded very odd to me... as if the timing was off. Maybe you were still singing at the slow tempo and the music picked up or something like that... it really threw me at that point. A nice clean transition or a pause in the music gone acapella and then crack into the heavy part would sound awesome.

The vocals sound good. They need compression, compression, compression. (literally, that much compression) Do it three times, it'll sound great.

I would also double the vocals. In fact, double everything you can... it makes it sound so much larger than life.

Back the vocals down in the mix, let those guitars scream.

The bridge is cool as hell.
Nice work so far.
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Nice intro. Vocals enter nicely. The acoustic lead fits well. Good transition to the distorted part. Id say double/quad the vocals and guitars - it'll make 'em sound nice and thick. I agree with the fact that the vocals need some compression. Nice interlude. The first bend seemed to stop abit short of the correct pitch. As did the last two. Drums are well done. Solo was ok - dunno it just didnt do it for me personally, but when the riff changes to the last one, it seems to fit alot more. Overall a good song - id say mix it again - the intro was really good.

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